Born in Bloom

Born in Bloom

The calm and confident way to bring your baby into the world

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Are you looking for a confident and informed way to bring your baby into the world?

Based in Bournemouth, Born in Bloom is a hypnobirthing antenatal course which aims to help you achieve a calm and comfortable birthing experience. Whatever your situation, Born in Bloom is here to support you on your journey to help you achieve the birth experience you deserve.

Why choose Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing focuses on preparing for birth by reframing the representation of labour from a painful and difficult experience to a positive one.


Putting you at ease and practicing techniques to relax your mind and body


Unpicking the facts and busting the myths about pregnancy and labour


Putting you in control and instilling confidence in your journey ahead.

The Born in Bloom course

Introducing you to techniques that help keep you calm, positive and relaxed whilst giving you the power to make your own informed decisions.


Exploring the science behind hypnobirthing

about birth

Educating you on the birthing process and shining a light on misinformation


Learning new practices to help you stay confident throughout your journey


Introducing you to relaxation techniques to put your mind and body at ease


Connecting you with local resources that can support you when you need it most


Supporting you and your birthing partner leading up to labour

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