Hi, I’m Saranne

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you so much for being here!

I am a mum to my beautiful son, a stepmum to two more, and I’m a dual qualified adult and mental health nurse with over 14 years experience working in the NHS. Working in both mental and physical health, I have learnt to fully appreciate the interaction between the mind and body and how we can evolve to allow them to work more harmoniously.

I learnt about Hypnobirthing whilst I was pregnant with my son due to having a lot of anxiety about birth. I figured if I could enjoy the final stages of pregnancy and trust the natural abilities of my body, then it was worth investing in Hypnobirthing. It was the best decision I ever made!

Within two months, I grew from feeling petrified and fearing the worst to feeling ready and excited about meeting my son. Ever since I have been unable to shake the feeling that I need to help women like me:

  • Nervous mums-to-be who have been led to believe that labour is scary and dangerous.
  • Women who have had previous challenging experiences with birth and who want things to be different the next time.
  • Women who want to feel empowered and informed in such a medicalised system.
  • Women who want to have the knowledge and confidence to be in control of their own birthing experience.

I am a KG-trained Hypnobirthing teacher, accredited by the Midwifery Council and ready to support you on this journey.

Through your journey with me, you will receive holistic, evidence-based sessions to support you to let go of the negative narrative of childbirth. You will learn to trust your instincts and natural ability and see how awesome and brilliant you really are!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Saranne  x

Saranne George

The Born in Bloom course

Introducing you to techniques that helps keep you calm, positive and relaxed whilst giving you the power to make your own informed decisions.


Exploring the science behind hypnobirthing

about birth

Educating you on the birthing process and shining a light on misinformation


Learning new practices to help you stay confident throughout your journey


Introducing you to relaxation techniques to put your mind and body at ease


Connecting you with local resources that can support you when you need it most


Supporting you and your birthing partner leading up to labour

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